Makapuu Swim Fins


Brand Churchill
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Churchill Makapuu Surf Fins Feature:

When going for a new pair of fins, don't settle for anything less than the original and best: Churchill Makapuu Fins! Makapuu Fins feature the original dolphin-inspired shape that provides maximum thrust and performance, while the soft foot-pockets and strategic drainage design make them comfortable to wear. They even float so you won't need to charter a submarine if one should happen to slip off!

Item #86140

  • Natural Gum Rubber
  • The Churchill drainage design swirls out sand and broken shells

SIZING (according to Men's shoe):

XS (3-4.5)

S (5-6.5)

M (7-8.5)

ML (9-10.5)

L (11-12.5)

XL (13-14.5)