HS 4.20 Generation Quad Rear Fin


Brand Futures
SKU: 2488-410-47-Smoke-Universal
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Futures HS 4.20 Generation Quad Rear Fin Features:

  • The HS 4.20 Generation Series, designed by Hayden Cox, is a large size Speed Generating quad rear set with a Ride Number of 7.2.
  • This unique set of rears features Hayden's unique 80/20 foil with splayed tips.
  • The top inch of the fin tweaks out toward the rail, creating a looser feel for the relatively large size template.
  • Looking to turn your favorite Thruster set into a Quad? This pair of Quad Rears can be combined with any Futures front fins to suit your riding preference, board design and waves.
AREA: 12.09
HEIGHT: 4.21
BASE: 3.99
FOIL: Custom

Item #2488-410-47