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Futures Tomo Control Series Quad Fin Set


Brand Futures
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Futures Tomo Control Series Quad Fin Set Features:

  • The template was designed by Daniel "Tomo" Thomson, for the El Tomo Fish model by Firewire.
  • The fins generate speed easily due to their large surface area, while the narrower base allows the fins to pivot with a tight turning radius.
  • Riders can expect the fins to feel loose and springy without sacrificing drive thanks to the more forward placement.
  • When paired with the El Tomo Fish by Firewire, the synergy is undeniable!
  Side Rear
Area 15.05" 13.10"
Height 4.71" 4.24"
Base 3.59 3.46
Foil Flat Symmetrical

    Item #1050-251-40