Hyperflex Women's VYRL 3/2mm GBS Front Zip Fullsuit Wetsuit FA19


Brand Hyperflex
SKU: XV832WF-01-4
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Hyperflex Women's VYRL GBS Front Zip Fullsuit Wetsuit Features:

  • Featuring a new strain of Quantum Foam neoprene which is ultra light weight, and feverishly warm
  • Minimal seam design combined with insanely stretchy rubber create a performance suit that can’t be touched
  • All VYRL suits have a quick-drying micro-fleece lining, providing a soft comfortable fit that conforms to your body
  • G.B.S. Sealed Seams
  • Duratex Kneepads
  • Cocoon™ Entry Point & Closure System
  • ITEM # XV832WF(3/2), XV843WF(4/3MM)