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Height Weight Height (cm)
8-9 4'1-4'8 52lb - 68lb 126-148
10-11 4'3-5'1 68lb - 83lb 134-156
12-13 4'6-5'3 83lb - 99lb 142-164
14-15 4'9-5'6 99lb - 114lb 150-172


How to choose the right wetsuit size?

It’s crucial for us at MANERA that our
customers easily find their size without getting a tape measure all over
their body. We have therefore worked extensively on our size charts so
that everyone can find their size at a glance, and with information
already at their disposal.

Everyone knows their weight and height, so we only use this data, as well as some friendly advice: 

1. Weight is the priority: Find your weight in the grid, then your height. Choosing your wetsuit is first a matter of volume, so weight comes before height.

2. It is necessary to feel tight when
trying on our wetsuits. We offer an innovative 3D cut; it should be very
tight. Neoprene loosens after a few hours in the water; if you take a size that is too loose, the wetsuit will not fit properly after a few sessions.

3. We give size ranges because each body
type is unique. When you are in the low range of the interval (ex: 70kg
for a size M man), you will have a rather loose wetsuit. When you are in
the high range (ex: 78kg for a size M man), you will have a rather
tight fit.

4. Inter-sizes "tall": We recommend a
size "T" for a tall and thin morphology, from 10kg below your height on
(ex: 70kg for 180cm = St).

5. Inter-sizes "short": We advise the
size "S" for a short and wide morphology, from 10kg above your height on
(ex: 75kg for 165cm= Ms) 

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