Woody Skimboard

Woody Skimboard

Woody Skimboard

Vendor: Victoria Ocean


Item #WM

Victoria Ocean's Woody Skimboard Features:

The Woody is for beginners who want to try the sport. Great for learning how to run, jump on, slide far, and bash small waves. This is the board we all learned on as kids and the tough fiberglass bottom will hold it’s shape and last for generations. Cheaper, pop out wood boards, will warp and will not slide unless perfectly flat which is a waste of your money. The Woody wave art is hand done on every board in the USA.

XS   30 – 85 lbs    35.2? x 17.8?
S    65 – 110 lbs    36.5? x 18.5?
M    110 – 140 lbs  38.1? x 19.3?
ML  120 – 190 lbs  39.7? x 20.1?
L    150 – 200 lbs   41.6? x 21.3?
XL  180 – 220 lbs   43.8? x 22.2?


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